Cross Lapland Marathon
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We couldn't come all this far without volunteers, its start with all the people in the Village and Lions Club and the City Government. We are still thankful for all of those people until today.

The Cross Lapland Marathon receives incredible volunteer support and we have lots of people who join the team and play a crucial role in the delivery of the event.

If you are coming from far, we may be able to offer some sleeping places for you. This will be entirely based on availability.

Volunteers for Refreshment Desks / Bikes at the Cross Lapland Marathon

Without you helping the runners giving all the refreshments that they need to complete the event, we will and runners will be in much trouble. You are a crucial part of the event and we need you.

Working in teams and helping others, you will need to be adaptable and a team player and in return will experience being part of a truly great event. Get involved by registering yourself.

Volunteer Physiotherapists at the Cross Lapland Marathon

Among the many volunteers, each year at the Cross Lapland Marathon is a sizable group of physiotherapists who provide support to the runners both on the course and at the finish, working alongside other medical volunteers. This is a vital role that helps many runners to finish the event.

You can be a University student who studies physiotherapy or a Pro who works as physiotherapy, we adore help from both of you.

Working in teams with diverse experience and skills, you will need to be adaptable and a team player and in return will experience being part of a truly great event. All levels of physiotherapy experience are welcome as long as you have a passion to get involved.

Can I volunteer as an individual?

Yes, you can, we need every bit of help that we can get from everyone. We do not guarantee that we need you for this year's event, but somehow as soon as the availability comes we will let you know. However, we always appreciate your thought and help to be a volunteer.

To register your interest, simply create a new profile with CLM Marathon Events volunteering by clicking the register button below.

Who volunteers at the event?

The event receives incredible volunteer support from a diverse range of groups from across Lapland and all Europe or the USA, from running clubs, sports clubs, schools, and universities, to community organizations, scout groups, Tervola Fire Brigade, Lions Club community, and volunteering partners. Tervola city hall, K Market, S Market, and Local Businesses. All groups recruit volunteers from within their membership and a full list of groups who support the event will be added to these pages when every event is completed in due course.

I am part of a group, How we can we get Involved?

If you are from a community group, charity, sports club, University Student Club or any other type of group that may be interested in volunteering at the event, register with us and a member of the organizing team will be in touch with you over the phone or by email soon.

Skills with

SEO, Teamwork on setting up marathon road event, Teamwork on building stalls, booths, Taking care of refreshments, Cooking, Laundry for other volunteers, Taking care of Traffic on event day, Photography, VideoGraphy, Carpenters, DJ skills welcome, Skilled Commentators, welcome to test your skills.

What you can experience

Travel around nearby countries, Sweden, Norway it's just nearby, swimming on the river, Fishing, Meeting new friends from around the world, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton.Running, Evening Gatherings, Bonfire, Finnish Sauna.

Period you will help

5 days a week, Accommodation 7 Days, Meals, Lunch and Dinner, if you decide to help other upcoming events we can think of accommodating you for a longer period of time.

What it will cost you

40 Euros for the entire week ( Cost of products for the food ingredients ), If you do not need food it will not cost you.

Is this continuing work?

Yes, Yearly, if you like you can come again next summer. This is community work, If you decide to help other events we can discuss further how long you stay. This is not a business based event and we only can accommodate you based on other help we receive from the community and city government and donated accommodation facilities for organizing events.


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