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How much is it cost to register ?

You can pre-register for our event, it does not cost you anything, you will send you email with a pay link when you select for the event based on our ballot selection, for Half Marathon its 50 Euro and Full Marathon 90 Euro, Para Athletics 125 Euro will cost as final registration fees.you must pay this within 5 days of receiving the link. This price will go 10% higher on every 1000 participants joining the event.

When does the Cross Lapland Marathon take place?

Every year between June and July depending on how our committee decides , however we only hold the event on weekends , we publish the date on our event page.

How can i find i have secured the place though ballot or i have been selected ?

You will receive information via email and text message, this will include your detailed information on how to enter the event, this email will be sent for both selected and unsuccessful applicants with their status, we do not send you a post based on our sustainability announcement.

When do I pay?

All applicants who have been successful in the selection will be sent a link to pay the entry fee. With an information pack that is sent to you with an email.

If you have been chosen by any charity programme, you do not need to pay this fee.

Someone I know can't run, can I use their entry?

Based on our Terms and conditions, places are not transferable under any circumstances.

Anyone attempting to run using another person’s entry will be disqualified and banned for life from the event and this will be shown on our black listed runners and the reason to black list.

How old must I be to Run on the Cross Lapland Marathon?

You must be 18 years old on the day that event is held.

I am unable to run, what can i do?

If you gain your place -fees are paid and you are unable to run, you can postpone it to next year, this can be only for one year. Please fill your application online for requesting this deferred entry request.

Entries gained in the selection (not entries allocated by a charity, a sponsor or won in a competition) may only be carried over for one year. Therefore if you have already carried over your entry from last year's event to this year's event, you may not carry your entry over to next year.

If you were allocated your place by a charity or a sponsor or if you won your place in a competition, it is not possible to carry the entry over to next year.

When do I pay?

All applicants who have been successful in the selection will be sent a link to pay the entry fee. With an information pack that is sent to you with an email.

If you have been chosen by any charity programme, you do not need to pay this fee.

I have changed my address, does it affect my entry?

As long as your phone and email is not changed, you are ok with us, you do not need to update your home address with us, however if you have been selected to the event though charity entry we need you to update your address. This because we may send you event materials by post to you ( T Shirts, Posters etc).

Which Start I will have?

You will receive this instruction by email with your runners number.

Can I change the start or exchange with someone else?

Unfortunately this is not possible, we do not allow the starts to be changed, please note there are inspectors on each start and they monitor the participants and the places.

I am not a charity but I am a runner, can I apply on behalf of a charity?

The Charity Selection or Ballot is only open for charitable organisations who hold a European charity registration number. Individuals can only apply in the general Selection or ballot.

Can I wear an action camera during the Cross Lapland Marathon?

You are in agreement with our terms and conditions, any footage that belongs to the event is also bound by this agreement. If you have an action camera and you have footage of the race, you can voluntarily donate this is to our cause by giving this digital footage after the race, please talk to our media desk at the finish line , Any footage of the Cross Lapland Marathon captured by runners or spectators is for personal use only. Personal use shall mean non-commercial use of such footage only. Any Cross Lapland Marathon footage for personal use shall not include any distribution for such purpose as to charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.

Cross Lapland Marathon footage for personal use shall not be used in advertising and shall not be resold, relicensed, or sub-licensed. At C.L.M We are not liable for any third-party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this personal use of C.L.M footage. Any Cross Lapland Marathon footage usage cannot violate rights held by our existing sponsors and/or partners.

Note our revenue distributed among the charities, social work for the communities and some percentage to winners.

Will results of the C.L.M Full and Half Marathon be posted by official ("gun") time or by chip/net time?

Results will be posted by chip time for the C.L.M Full and Half Marathon. Runners who do not order trackers must request these options at the time of the registration. If you have your own chip please mark your chip ID when you register.

Will there be a baggage check area at the C.L.M Full and Half Marathon?

Race participants can check-in belongings at a designated location near the start. Belongings must be claimed shortly following the race. The C.L.M. is not responsible for personal belongings.

Can I use my headphones in the C.L.M races?

While the we. discourages the use of iPods and headphones, we do not impose a ban on wearing such devices in Cross Lapland Marathon. races except for the elite men and women and all those eligible for prize money. Many runners choose not to wear headphones.

Are walkers allowed in C.L.M events?

All athletes of all abilities and paces are welcome to participate in our events. However please note the time limitations per event for when the course will close and timing will conclude. Only officially registered participants are allowed on the course.

Time limitations at Cross Lapland Marathon events: 5K: 1-Hour to complete the course 10K: 2-Hours to complete the course Half Marathon: 3.5-Hours to complete the course Full Marathon: 6-Hours to complete the course.

I Have a disability, where can I find more information?

If you are facing some kind of disability, we have all the help you need, please contact us at [email protected]

Can I use my handcycle ?

No we only run under World Para Athletics rules, you must follow the rules. You can only use a recognised racing wheelchair or day chair.

Where do I collect my running number?

You must collect your running number at our CLM Running Show, the details and entry bar code sent to you via email with the details pack. If you are unable to come to collect the number you won't be able to run.

At the Running show. All the major athletics brands will be present, alongside a variety of exhibitors showing and selling everything from retro headbands to the latest GPS devices. There will also be an opportunity to buy the latest souvenir and technical clothing ranges. Trainers and Psychotherapists to choose after and before the event, major athletic sponsors who take part in the event and their products you will see at the Running show.

What will happen if I don’t get to final registration in time?

Registration will close promptly at 18:00 the day before Race Day. No running numbers will be issued after that time under any circumstances.

When do I pay?

All applicants who have been successful in the selection will be sent a link to pay the entry fee. With an information pack that is sent to you with an email.

If you have been chosen by any charity programme, you do not need to pay this fee.

Will there be clocks along all Marathon courses?

Digital clocks, positioned at start and at the finish line, will indicate the unofficial time from the starter's gun.

Do you provide massages ( Physiotherapy) at the Half and Full Marathon?

There are voluntary physiotherapy services and paid service available at the event. This you must book them at the running show in order to get their services to you. Service only available for Half and Full Marathon participants and Para Athletic Participants.

This service is not free for 5K or 10 K runners events.

How are team results calculated in the (C.L.M) Cross lapland. Half Marathon ?

For the Cross lapland Marathon ( C.L.M), Team results are calculated by adding the net finishing times of the first three finishers of each club in each division.

Team scoring is based on the combined total net times of op five finishers in men’s open (may include men over 40), top five finishers in men’s masters (40-over), top three finishers in men’s seniors (60-over), and the top three finishers in all women’s divisions. Only one team per club will be scored in each division.

Is the C.L.M Half and Full Marathon course hilly or flat?

Both Marathons rolling course is an out-and-back route that runs along the opening distance downhill, with the closing distance uphill and flat. There you will also run on sandy roads, farm land, by the river and highway.

What do I do if I lose my C.L.M Half Marathon BIB Number?

Bring a government issued photo I.D. to the registration area on race day 1-2 hours in advance, and we will issue a new number. We will cancel your previous number and void the timing device so that no one can misrepresent you.

New numbers will be issued only to the participants who have issued a BIB number at the Runshow.

When does the C.L.A. Half and Full Marathon Awards Ceremony take place?

The Awards Ceremony begins approximately three hours after the start of the race for the Half Marathon and five hours after the start of Full Marathon near the finish line area. It is open to all participants and guests. No ticket is required.

Participants and loved ones ,fans are allowed to come to the ceremony and take pictures with your favorite runner or friend.

Where do I get my C.L.M. Half and Full Marathon medal after I finish the race?

If you have ordered the finisher medal with your registration you can get this at the finish line, Just keep moving through the finish area. Please make sure your BIB number is still on you. Your medal will be awarded to you with your water, and post-race refreshments. If you don't get it please contact our finish line desk.

Where will I find medical personnel during the C.L.M Half and Full Marathon?

Medical personnel will be available to give emergency care, as well as attend to non-critical injuries at miles 11 km and the finish line.

Will photographs be taken along the course and at the finish of the C.L.M Half and Full Marathon? How can I order these pictures?

Our Professional Representatives will take photos along the course and finish. Proofs will be mailed to all participants shortly after the race, or photos may be ordered online or you can order digital photos at the photo desk at the finish line.

If you have been chosen by any charity programme, you do not need to pay this fee.

How do I apply to enter the Cross Lapland Marathon through one of the official charities?

In order to apply to participate in the Cross Lapland Marathon on behalf of one of the Cross Lapland Official Charities, you must contact your charity of interest directly. All charities that are selected as members of the Cross Lapland Marathon Official Charity Program are currently featured on our website and include an icon that links to contact information for the charity’s marathon coordinator.

How does an organization apply to be an official charity for the C.L.M Marathon.?

Organizations that meet our program criteria and are interested in applying for our Official Charity Program may submit a Letter of Inquiry with their form registration on our website. All inquiries and registration will be reviewed on a rolling basis. A letter should be no more than two pages in length and should not be submitted by an organization more than once per calendar year.

If I am already entered into the Cross Lapland Marathon, how can I still support one of the official charities?

Athletes who have secured entry into the C.L.M Marathon are welcome to fundraise for their favorite charity. If your favorite charity is a member of the Cross Lapland Charity Program, the contact information for that charity’s marathon coordinator is currently featured on our website.

If charities are listed as past or future charities, they still have eligibility to enter an official charity programme by developing the charity ethics, you can also join these charities and help them to develop the for future entry.

What are my chances of being accepted into the Cross Lapland Marathon through one of the official charities?

Each of our official charities has their own application and selection process, requirements and deadlines. Please contact the marathon coordinator for your charity of interest for more information. Contact information for the marathon coordinators of our official charities can be found on our website.

What are the fundraising requirements to participate in the Cross Lapland Marathon on behalf of one of the official charities?

Each individual who participates in the Cross Lapland Marathon on behalf of one of our official charities is required to raise a minimum, this depends on each charity. Individual charities may require a higher minimum. Please inquire directly with any charity to find out their minimum.

Cross lapland Marathon we do not do fundraising as an event, we only name official charities who work for good causes and we donate our income to them, so charities have to make their own decisions.

What if I am interested in participating in the Cross Lapland Marathon for a charity that is not one of the official charities?

If your charity of interest is not a member of the Cross Lapland Marathon Charity Program, you must contact that charity directly to inquire if they have a program by which they provide guaranteed entries to the Cross Lapland Marathon. If they do not have them register with us asking the oficial now, future place in our event.

What is the deadline to apply to participate in the Cross Lapland Marathon for one of the official charities?

The marathon coordinator for each charity will be able to provide you with information about their application and selection process, requirements and deadlines.

What is the official charity of the Cross Lapland Marathon?

We do not have permanent official charity, we feel it's not right to cater only to one organization, to be fair and transparent and equal we name official charities for 1-2 years period or just for that year, this depends on their course of goodwill and action they planned to take, how they will help their community etc.

Is it possible for a new charity to apply for places in the Cross Lapland Marathon?

We hold a Charity Ballot for charities that do not have VIP bonds to apply for entries. Each charity successful in the ballot receives one entry.

For more information for charities regarding the different bond schemes operated by Cross Lapland Marathon Events please see our charity page and register, we will contact you with the options.

Can I enter if I am not a Finland registered charity?

Yes, as long as you are a European Registered charity and you fulfill your requirements as a charity.

Charities that are outside of Europe may register and provide us with a letter of intent for us to enter you into the ballot.

Can a charity transfer a charity entry to another runner?

A charity may transfer a charity entry to another runner prior to the closing date. Before this date, a charity may delete the original runner from the entry console and allocate the running number to another participant.

It is not possible to transfer a charity entry after the closing date under any circumstances.

Can a charity move a runner to a different start?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The number of runners on each start is carefully calculated and it is therefore not possible to move runners from one start to another. Please note there are Inspectors on each start to check that runners are on the correct start.

If a runner wishes to run with someone who is starting on a different start, we suggest the runners meet up at a pre-arranged point on the course. The three different starts merge just before the three km point.

Will CLM Marathon issue a standard contract to a charity that it already appointed?

Yes. We will issue a standard contract that covers and mentioned CLM will be only helping for a good cause. We waive all our responsibilities of other charity activities on this contract, such as their money movements, decisions and tax issues, etc. Our involvement is only based on a good cause, what charity does, and nothing to do with any other activities. There is no guarantee of raising a certain amount of funds by CLM for the charity.

Can Charity raise funds with Runners?

Runners run on behalf of the charities can raise funds on their behalf directly to the charity account. You have full control of that.

Using Fundraising platform to raise funds for Charity

Charities can use third-party fundraising platforms to raise funds other than what CLM provides, but these payments must go directly to charities and not to CLM events.

Where are public toilets?

We install temporary public toilets for both visitors and participants within a 3km distance radius from the Marathon start point.

How does trash disposal work?

Trash disposals are separated Bio, Plastic, Metal, Glass, please make sure to use the right bin and help to keep our world clean and a better place. Temporary Trash disposal bins will be installed during the event week around the city and running routes. Follow the signs.

Can I rent camping equipment?

Yes you can rent camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, a damage deposit of between 100-150 euro will be kept for the equipment until its return in good condition, a cleaning fee of 10 euro will be charged for the cleaning and rent 30 euro for a tent and two sleeping bags

Is there any camping area?

Yes, there are marked camping areas during the event week, you must follow the rules and regulations if you enter the camping area and keep the place clean, the camping area is provided by the city free of charge.

Are there any campervan, caravan areas?

Yes, there is a caravan parking area near the event location, it's the caravan owners responsibility to follow the rules and regulations provided to them at the time of parking, this rules and regulations may be provided by as a leaflet or stick like a sticker on your glass window, we record your car license number for safety reasons, parking is free of charge.

Are there any shower rooms?

Shower rooms come at a cost of 5 euro per person, you must have your soap and towels, hot and cold water showers are available for all the spectators, tourists, campers.