Cross Lapland Marathon
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Sustainability at C.L.M.

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Our event is founded on a simple human insight: when people come together, magic happens.

Bringing people together to build communities and creating experiences is the DNA of our event. We help people harness this power of community, to build unforgettable chains of experience in events that foster change, inspire, educate and enhance sports performance.

Everything we do has a positive impact on our world.we have the means to accelerate change and to promote a more sustainable and inclusive society. Our goal is to encourage an active culture of care and responsibility, backed up by concrete actions of how we care and help and reduce the carbon footprint.

Our Trash Management

Finland is known for its trash management, we separate everything from bio to plastic to paper and other trash, both spectators and participants can use our trash management bins that are available around the town during the event and help us keep this green country as it is.

No Paper Policy

Digital notification and posters are more sustainable options to keep paper away, we help stop cutting a number of trees at a time, all our materials are digital, nothing in a paper except winners printed certificates.

If you buy a food coupon or bus ticket, train ticket, we encourage you to use a digital ticket, all Finland transport systems, and our restaurant cashiers can issue a digital invoice by text or email to you. Let's help stop cutting trees.

Renewable Energy

We use renewable energy in all parts of the event by keeping a carbon footprint. This includes all mobile CCTV Cameras.

Runners Belt

The 2021 Marathon introduces runners belts made out of 100% recycling materials, wearing their own small 250ml water bottle, this will reduce the number of stations that we have to manage on the route.

Help Good Cause

One established means of reducing waste is our collection of the garments discarded by participants. Most of them are in good condition. We collect these separately and have them processed. After the marathon, we allow relief organizations to take the textiles to distribute to those in need. In addition, we plan on collecting returnable bottles to raise funds for a good cause. Many participants simply throw out returnable bottles. We plan on collecting them and donating the proceeds to the children’s support associations around the world or locally.

Water Bottles & Cups

Introducing drop zones across the course for runners to drop their bottles. This will help speed up the clean-up process as bottles are collected from the drop zones and the road and sent for recycling by our Recycling Team.

compostable cups at one hydration sports station in 2018, three hydration sports stations will use compostable cups rather than bottles. The cups will be collected and composted at a plant.

Heat sheets

For the 2021 C.L.M event we have recycled heat sheets made out of PET, this heat pads can connect to power banks and heat the runners at the finish point. This is 100% recyclable for the following year's event.

In addition, We will introduce the following sustainable measures for the 2021 race:

→ A campaign to encourage spectators to dispose of their waste correctly and to bring refillable bottles and use the free Refill scheme in C.L.M to keep hydrated.

→ All clothes discarded at the start will be collected and sent for reuse or to be recycled.

→ All plastic bottles used will be 100 percent recyclable.

→ Recovery bags given to runners at the finish will be made from 100% percent recycled textile and free from unnecessary leaflets and giveaways.

→ All Goody Bags are made out of 100% percent recycled textiles.

→ All race instructions and registration materials will be digital, nothing printed.

→ All branding material – more than 20-30 kilometers of it – will be collected and reused or recycled for the next year.