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Cross Lapland Marathon now holds the first and largest Para Athletics and Wheelchair division on Sunday 26 June 2022 at C.L.M in Tervola, Finland.

We will also hold a Run show with Para Athletics on 2021 run show, we invite interested participants to the event to enjoy the mood. Meantime you will also be able to show events at the 2021 C.L.M event.

Wheelchair and Para Athletics events at the Cross Lapland Marathon are held under World Para Athletics rules.

Athletes must compete in racing wheelchairs that meet the wheelchair requirements specified by World Para Athletics.

The Wheelchair Division is a competitive division for athletes who use racing wheelchairs in track and road racing events and hold a national or World Para Athletics classification.

Para Athletics Divisions of the Cross Lapland Marathon are competitive divisions that implement the principles of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Classification Code.


CLASS T54  -Normal arm muscle power with a range of trunk muscle power extending from partial trunk control to normal trunk control.

CLASS T53  -Normal arm muscle power with no abdominal and no lower spinal muscle activity.

CLASS T52  -Use shoulder, elbow, and wrist for propulsion. Poor to normal muscle power of the finger flexors and extensors. Usually has no muscle power in the trunk.

CLASS T51  -Use elbow flexors and wrist dorsiflex for propulsion. The decrease in shoulder power. Usually has no muscle power in the trunk.

CLASS T34  -Diplegia caused by hypertonia, athetosis, or ataxia. Normal functional strength of upper limbs and minimal trunk limitation.

CLASS T33  -Quadriplegia, triplegia, or hemiplegia caused by hypertonia, athetosis, or ataxia. Limitation of upper limb(s) and trunk control.


Wheelchair athletes must achieve or better their respective qualifying time by age, gender, and classification on a certified marathon course during the qualifying window.

The qualifying window for the 2022 Cross Lapland Marathon opened Sunday 19 June 2022.

Athletes have until the day they register to achieve their qualifying time.

Wheelchair athletes who hold a current national or WPA classification and who have achieved the following high-performance standard during the current qualifying window may be considered for complimentary entry.