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Wake up in Nordic Paradise of Silence and Nature
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Tervolan kirkko
Tervolan kirkko
Midnight Sun lapland
Midnight Sun & Camping
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Ice Fishing

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We will, over time, provide you with detailed guidance on all information and activities top places to visit and how you can explore `Tervola in Summer and the Winter. However, as you delve into these webpages, we will introduce you to key ideas and what we are about to develop in tourism.

Silence is good for overall physical health and well-being. From a physiological standpoint, silence helps Lower blood pressure, which can help prevent heart attack. Boost the body's immune system: Hippocampus region, a brain area linked to learning, remembering, and emotions. We will take you to places and products unique with silence and nature within Tervola Lapland, Finland.

Meantime please click on the following exciting things you can do in Tervola during your visit or browse our events or activities pages for more information.